Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Comb your hair with a pork chop!

Barbie: so the pity party is officially over....onward march!!
Barbie: no more feeling sorry for myself....I have too much to be thankful for...
Winnie: YEAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!
Barbie: Got to be happy about the small things....in the end that's all most people have, lol
Winnie: ya like Bud Lite Lime
Barbie: Bud lite lime ...meh....."better than regular beer but still not as good as a mojito"
Winnie: Mojito is too strong
Winnie: i can only inhale so much fresh mint
Barbie: baby!
Winnie: Who you calling baby?
Barbie: relax, I called you baby, not babe
Winnie: oh ok then...lol
Barbie: So, we didn't win for funniest blog but I don't think it should count because we were only aware of it for three days and it was based on votes....none of our fans had time to vote....
Barbie: I demand a recount! We were robbed! No justice in the world! The judges look like they comb their hair with a pork chop!!
Winnie: how did you find out about it
Barbie: just randomly surfing the sites! The others had months and months to vote (sour grapes).
Barbie: Ahhh....but we were honoured just to be nominated (as we say this through gritted teeth, just like the losers on Oscar night)
Winnie: it is not fair...we have great fans....
Barbie: do we ever!!
Barbie: Although I detect slight brain damage for thinking we are funny but God bless 'em anyway...
Winnie: I think it is the coolest thing that we were nominated only after a couple of months online...friggen awesome
Winnie: Next year baby!!!!! Next year!
Barbie: GIRL POWER......
Barbie: now if we could only figure out a way to sell out to Corporate America and become rich bitches....
Winnie: oh yeaaaaaaaaaaa
Winnie: now you're talking
Barbie: But then again, we might get punched in the face like Perez Hilton....poor guy.....I have a soft spot for slightly strange bloggers (wonder why?)
Winnie: I think our exes would like to do the honour
Barbie: that's the only way he's ever gonna touch ME again...
Winnie: LOL...
Barbie: so...Mike Jackson memorial service today....snore...
Barbie: I told my sister that he died and she said...Aw....good.
Winnie: ya, if i have time between loads of laundry I may watch it
Winnie: he was a great artist...too bad he couldn't afford better Shrinks....
Winnie: Well I will always remember where I was when I got the news....I was on my way out the door...to see YOU!! hehehe
Winnie: ok...and another special friend, just in case they read this ;)
Barbie: I heard the news at the hut. I just noticed that they were playing a strangely large amount of him on the radio on the drive down and thought maybe everyone was stuck in some kind of time warp, lol
Winnie: ya, you looked shocked when we told you lol
Winnie: like really? Was it that unexpected?
Barbie: I thought everyone was mental. They kept toasting Michael Jackson....I was like "what IS it with people in this town?"


  1. Long live MJ...............and Me :)

  2. MJ was the King of Pop, a pioneer for music video's, he could dance like no one else, he could sing, he wrote his own tunes, some we all danced to back in the day, he was adored by so many, BUT alas he was a freak...RIP.