Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Honest to blog, wisdom from Sponge Bob

Winnie: I forgot my phone at home this morning
Barbie: ever did you survive?
Winnie: was rough....but I think I'll be ok
Barbie: well, we should probably start by telling everyone that we chose a winner for the blog guest spot contest!
Barbie: We expect BIG things from this
Barbie: stay tuned for their submission sometime in the next week...
Winnie: ohhhh, can't wait!
Barbie: me neither....I'm actually quite excited about it.
Winnie: does the lucky winner know yet?
Barbie: yes...they know and are working on their piece as we speak!
Winnie: this is going to be interesting for sure, just hope it doesn't end up being a "hit on Barbie" or "dis Winnie" episode
Barbie: um. I highly doubt
Winnie: I’m holding on tight.....
Barbie: lol....aren't we always though?
Barbie: oops....said it.
Winnie: see I know you so well lol
Barbie: sadly. yes. lol
Barbie: So....did you notice that Mr. Big posted a picture of himself on his facebook page today?
Winnie: I saw...he's pretty cute for an illusion
Barbie: ...I'm thinking it's a fake.
Winnie: that's what I mean
Winnie: I could have found a cuter pic though lol
Winnie: (kidding Mr Bigggg)
Barbie: If this guy knows so many of our friends, how come we have never heard his name before?? hmmm?
Barbie: a little fishy if you ask me...
Winnie: it's all in fun...until someone gets caught ......
Barbie: then we will roast them 'til they's crispy....beware our razor sharp
Winnie: Oh I'm sure he's a bit scarred already....and if not...then he should be!!!!
Barbie: well....I think you mean scared but he may be scarred by us too...wouldn't be the first time we traumatized someone!
Winnie: ya ya...thank God I’m going back to school...i need it
Winnie: too many years in Redneckville....
Barbie: honest to blog....ain't THAT the
Winnie: I am over 32 though, so at least Ill be able to drink at school
Barbie: rebel, ha, ha
Winnie: just like in high shool...except no Mr. T to catch us in the bathroom
Barbie: hee...hee.....
Barbie: remember when we all drank and one of our group members passed out at the dance and we didn't want her to get caught but we didn't want to leave either so we just put her under a pile of jackets until the dance was done?
Winnie: ohhhhhhhhh yes lol
Winnie: we were kids would NEVER think of doing that LOL
Winnie: oh there I go again...delusional
Barbie: I'm sure your kids would also never steal their parent’s car, drive it to Montreal to go clubbing and lock the keys in the car when you were coming back the next day....AHHHHEEEEMMMM!!!!!!
Winnie: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I think my Mom is reading
Barbie: oops....I mean YOU didn't do that....that was someone I HEARD of doing
Barbie: well, at least you didn't throw up in a fish tank...
Winnie: no, I didn’t....but I sure did hold up a few heads from drowning in the toilet bowl
Barbie: yes....and one of them wearing a hockey helmet....with a grill!!
Winnie: nasty stuff....
Barbie: ok, this is getting out of more snitching!!
Winnie: too late, my friend
Barbie: Just always remember these words of wisdom from Sponge Bob....
Barbie: There is NOTHING worse than an emotionally disturbed oyster!
Winnie: WTF?? Alrighty then.
Winnie: did I say I wanted to relive my youth?...maybe I should think this through a bit more
Barbie: you will need to go out and buy a bottle of Pepto if you plan on reliving your youth...
Winnie: (as an aside, you know what they say about oysters??????)
Winnie: already in my purse....
Barbie: oysters or pepto?
Winnie: BOTH ! :)

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