Friday, July 17, 2009

divorce court and toe tags

Winnie: For you my dear friend....hope this helps you get through the weekend! Divorce court sucks!
Barbie: right back at you baby!
Barbie: But no self pity today.....Here is my NEW song:
Barbie: word for word baby....
Winnie: "girl power" !!!!!
Barbie: yep
Barbie: you know....a year from now, we will look back on this time in our lives and say..."thank God that's over!" lol
Winnie: all we'll have is the blog to help us remember lol
Barbie: yep!
Winnie: you good today?
Barbie: yes
Barbie: how about you?
Winnie: better now, did a Timmy’s run, now that I’m the only one left in the house who drinks coffee...kinda sucks making a whole pot to myself
Barbie: lol, did you get any sleep last night?
Winnie: not kid showed up at midnight..woke me..and then the other came in at 3 am...didn’t' feel sorry for him when he had to get up at 7 to go to work...but of course, woke me up AGAIN! So much for my first day of vacation
Barbie: do mothers ever REALLY get vacation?
Winnie: a what? lol
Barbie: I see that your oldest got his camera back? Good grad pics!
Winnie: yessssss...saved him a few buck since he didn’t have to buy me a new one! Will teach me to lend him my stuff
Winnie: he's all grown up now; too bad he still can’t make his bed!
Barbie: LOL!
Winnie: he'll change I hope, first time he brings a girl over to his new apartment..
Barbie: It will take a girl to say "gross...don't you ever make your bed or clean up after yourself?" for him to start taking initiative, lol
Winnie: as long as I don’t get a call asking me to make a cleaning house call....I can’t see myself visiting very often lol
Barbie: personally, I don't think I have seen anything more disgusting than a group of young men living together....nasty.
Barbie: I knew this gang of guys who lived together in their twenties and they actually had CARPET in the bathroom...combine drunken nights with poor aim and the fact that they never actually EVER, NOT ONCE cleaned that bathroom...well, you can imagine the result...
Winnie: ohhhhhhhhh my my my...thanks for that visual, just what I need!
Barbie: LOL!
Barbie: Gross eh?
Winnie: I have this old coffee table that stains when you leave a drink on it...I told him he could have it. He said that he'll get a glass to put on it to keep it clean....I laughed out loud!!!!!!!!!
Barbie: hilarious!
Barbie: but I must say they do like to keep their cars clean...I don't get it...
Winnie: it's true...although he has a toe tag hanging from his rear view mirror
Winnie: and it has his name on it, creepy
Barbie: I'm afraid to ask what a toe bag is...
Winnie: good way to freak out your mom
Winnie: they were handing them out at the "safe grad" thing they do before graduation, when the cops and students re-enact a crash scene
Barbie: oh TOE TAG!! Duh...I mis-read it. Yikes...that's like tempting fate...or being a teen rebel..
Winnie: he says it's a reminder, good thing, I hope
Barbie: um. ya.
Winnie: maybe I should tie a pillow case around his finger to remind him to make his bed?
Barbie: PERFECT!! and a bottle of Windex around his neck too!


  1. Yes, almost as creepy as wearing a chain and lock around your neck...LMAO!!

  2. Was it a real toe tag, or some novelty thingy????

  3. a real toe tag...right from the morgue!!!!!

  4. That is the strangest thing I have ever heard. I hope my kids don't freak me out like that when they get older.

  5. get ready for it Mr Biggg, they NEVER cease to surprise you!