Monday, July 20, 2009

GET OUT! of my Lemonade Stand!

Barbie: Hi!
Winnie: well hello there, long time no talk
Barbie: lol
Barbie: how was your weekend?
Winnie: long, worked some long hours though
Winnie: now its clean up time, lots of packing to do
Barbie: wish I was there to help!
Winnie: every time i do this....i say im never doing it again
Barbie: I hear ya...I HATE moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Barbie: my weekend was super P.G. I had the kids so we did family friendly stuff like a lemonade stand, library, read them books...the usual
Winnie: ohhhh the lemonade fun
Barbie: It was sooooo cute...I sooo wish I had a camera... mines busted...boooo!! I can't believe I missed that photo op!
Winnie: what kind of mother are you anyways??? lol
Barbie: I know, I know...the guilt of not having pics of that is absolutely killing me....
Barbie: but someday soon, when I am loaded and I buy a top of the line camera, I will document EVERYTHING!!
Winnie: well don’t go overboard CAN be evidence! lol
Barbie: Hey...I'm the innocent one, don't forget....I never do anything naughty.....YOU on the other hand....
Winnie: ME? Come on...
Winnie: I’m smart enough NOT to document everything!
Barbie: All I can say is it is a good thing we didn't have cell phone cameras and Facebook when we were in high school...
Barbie: I don't know how kids today get away with anything without getting busted...
Winnie: kidding
Barbie: in all honesty though....many of them are not too bright about posting themselves in compromising positions...
Winnie: kids these days have no shame
Barbie: ya
Winnie: at least we had some dignity...we DIDN't want to get caught
Barbie: true that!
Winnie: ok, so I have a new theme have to listen carefully!
Barbie: awesome! and funny!
Winnie: I had it cranked in my car on my way home it!!!!
Barbie: Good for you! Girl power!

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