Tuesday, July 21, 2009

7 year, renewable marriage contracts...Let's start a movement!!

Winnie: ok, so caved in
Barbie: caved in to what?
Winnie: I bought a People magazine yesterday, I just HAD to gawk at the pictures of JON (from Jon and Kate) and his new trampy gf on vacation...3 weeks after the split... how dare he...and they were posing!
Barbie: hmmm....three weeks eh? yikes
Barbie: something tells me you don't find a new girlfriend in three weeks flat...this wouldn't happen to be the same lady he was spotted with BEFORE the split, would it?
Winnie: eventhough we are both proof that marriages are wayyyyyyyy over before it's announced..but still
Winnie: of course
Barbie: yeah....well, at least we know what happened now...
Barbie: younger woman promises "hey, I won't nag you like your wife does, I'll treat you like a the king you are forever"....just you wait, lol!!
Winnie: ya until the sex wears off...lol
Barbie: the initial flame ALWAYS fizzles, so you are lucky if you have a good friend you can get along with...
Winnie: what else could he have in common with a 21 year old pot smoking advocate...lol
Barbie: um....pot? Apparently? lol
Barbie: he always DID seem a bit mellow for the father of all those kids...lol
Winnie: duhhhhhhhhhhhh :)
Winnie: well now we know how he managed to stay married to HER for so long
Barbie: like I said....I think marriage should be on a 7 year renewable contract....they chose not to renew....no hard feelings...lol
Winnie: we got to get this message out lol
Barbie: I'm telling you....it is GENIUS!!
Barbie: Let's stop kidding ourselves....most marriages are NOT for life....let's just stick to shorter contracts, lol
Barbie: It will eliminate the need to place blame. I think biology dictates that the chemicals of infatuation secrete in our brains for a limit of 7 years....then you pretty much want to kick the other person out....
Winnie: just like cell companies...after a few years you start figuring out all the crap they put you through...when your contract is up......IT'S UPGRADE TIME BABY!
Barbie: LOL!!!
Winnie: ;)
Barbie: Not to be too cynical, but the feelings of love and infatuation are there to serve a purpose ....to make sure we procreate and that we stay together until the kids are a manageable age...but those feelings eventually wear off, we are crazy to expect them to continue...most good long term marriages are based on respect and friendship....in the end, that is all you have...
Winnie: and I have you for that...so who needs a man!
Winnie: my contracts are now going to be no more that 48 hrs
Barbie: lol! I have to say I hate cutting the grass and shovelling the driveway....but we can always hire out for that...
Winnie: renewable....if needed lol
Barbie: exactly!!


  1. If you ever need someone to "shovel" or "cut the grass" ;) I am available.

  2. renewable. For sure. The only problem with 7 years is that the man gets out just as things are getting tough. Kids are still young, the mother loses so much in a divorce (as you both know). I know you guys are being humourous but giving the man an out at 7 years is the easy way out (for him).

  3. Not all men want the easy way out...some men want to have the kids with them...and things are ALWAYS tough when you have kids, period. the 7 year rule is good 'idea'...its just different for everyone's shituation....
    there's a word for you two....shituation.

  4. gotta love it! KIA