Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hello all! Barbie here. Winnie and I would like to congratulate Chantal (twohandsfull) on winning the blog guest spot. Please find her blog below and we welcome any additional comments about things that bug YOU!


When Winnie and Barbie said I won their “Guest Post” I thought this could be fun. I could write something totally out of character for me. I could write something trashy, something silly and fun. And then I thought about it. And thought about it. It is hard to manufacture trashy out of thin air. Really, I am a geek and a boring one at that. But one thing I am good at is complaining. So here goes. Things that drive me crazy:

Co-workers who come into your office and talk FOREVER and just won’t go away
The weather this summer – Holy shit Mother Nature, enough rain already!
Drivers who are slow going through the advance green, which makes ME MISS my chance to turn.
Drivers in The Wall (‘nuff said ;) )
The guy in the red Jeep who double parks in my office parking lot! A-HOLE
Stores that have a “HUGE SUMMER SALE” that runs for a month and then run out of everything in their flyer after week one – I am looking at you IKEA!
When you microwave your lunch and the outside is burning hot and the inside is cold. We can send people into space but we can’t heat a lunch evenly!!!
Did I mention the weather!
Govt. departments who make mistakes and then take their sweet time to fix them.
Men who treat my dear friends like shit – oh this one makes my blood boil!
And last but not least: THE FREAKING WEATHER!

This list could go on forever but I will stop now and spare you all. I am not just a crabby person. I love lots of things. I love; my kids, my husband, my dear friends (Winnie and Barbie are high up on that list), my extended family, my house, my garden, I love many many things. But since we talking beef, what’s your beef?


  1. I am with ya on the weather. ( No Better In OTTAWA ) And drivers who can't go the speed limit. I understand not speeding, but 35 in a 50 zone make me wanna go POSTAL. Aslo Telemarketers. I know they are doing their jobs, but why is it always when I am sleeping?????????? Carnies. They are just creepy. Suport payments to my first wife that I haven't seen in 12 years, and who has been living common law for the past 10. ( Just get married already B#$%H ) Thant about it for now. Man I feel better. No I don't.

  2. Here's what I hate: fake lesbians, auto show girls and other pseudo-prostitutes, rich men who don't want to pay their exes enough to survive on and govt. red tape of any kind.
    Also...and this is a biggie. Men who claim to be progressive but secretly still think it is a womans job to cook, clean and take care of the kids.