Thursday, July 23, 2009

Angel vs Devil

Barbie: Hi! Boy am I EVER glad that it is raining....I was sooo worried that we would miss a day...
Winnie: well the sun is trying to come out here....hurry...I must go before I miss it!
Winnie: was thinking of going camping this weekend...I think I must just keep THINKING about it
Barbie: well...camping in the rain can be fun if you have someone interesting to keep you company in the tent all day and all night...otherwise, not so much
Winnie: mmmmm...guess I should dust off the sleeping bags then!
Barbie: remember the fun we used to have "camping" in high school?
Winnie: camping? is that what it was? lol, all I remember is drinking and walking from lot to lot...visiting our friends? lol
Barbie: well, or you could call it that....tomato-tomahto
Winnie: ahhhhhh the good old days, carefree and....well let’s not say it lol
Barbie: Footloose?
Winnie: for
Barbie: speak for yourself....I was a very good girl and you know it...after all wasn't it your mission in life to corrupt me?
Winnie: it took me 20 years...still working at it!
Winnie: but I think I’m making progress
Winnie: you need to spend more time with me
Barbie: I'm not sure my liver could take it...
Winnie: blame the guys at the Hut for that one, it’s the only place I manage to get drunk at....THEY are the bad ones
Winnie: wonder why that is????
Barbie: Why is it EVERYONE's mission in life to get me drunk??
Winnie: so we could hold it against you for the rest of your life lol
Barbie: gee....YOU wouldn't do something like that would you??
Winnie: I wouldn’t have too....u-tube baby! lol
Barbie: E-VIL!!!!!
Winnie: if I could manage to get you drunk...I’m sure I would be right there along side you
Winnie: it’s everyone else you have to worry about, all those men trying to take advantage of you
Winnie: I could never let that happen to poor innocent you!!!!!
Barbie: nooo.....nobody would do THAT to me!!
Barbie: they are all hanging around for my sparkling personality!
Winnie: in my case....I get drunk, just to have an excuse to let someone take advantage of me ;)
Winnie: ok, maybe not.....I'd let them anyways lol
Barbie: I swear you trigger my mothering instinct....I can't tell you how many times I feel like giving you a speech or grounding you...
Winnie: oh come on now, you know I’m just getting your goat.
Winnie: no one would recognize me if I was a good girl....they would all think there was something wrong if I ever stopped dancing on the tables...frigggg
Barbie: Well the way you tell it, I'm a total stick in the mud...but I actually AM quite fun...just compared to YOU I am very conservative...
Winnie: I can be conservative....I do own pearls you know!
Winnie: I just like wearing them with
Barbie: Geez.....must you throw everything into the gutter? Mystery, many times do I have to tell must leave something to the imagination!
Winnie: much more to tell my dear...contrary to what you may think...I do keep things to myself
Barbie: I'm afraid to even ask…

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