Tuesday, July 14, 2009

90's re-lived

Barbie: hey girl!
Barbie: How was your concert last night?
Winnie: awesome dude !
Winnie: rough few days, 3 concerts in 5 days, I think I may be too old for this
Barbie: We don't bounce back the way we used to...
Winnie: guess you had a long weekend too?
Winnie: Salsa Queen
Barbie: a fun one! Salsa dancing Friday night, mojitos (too many) Saturday and coffee with a pal on Sunday
Barbie: it was a good, full weekend
Barbie: so....I have come to a conclusion....
Winnie: re-living our youth has some consequences?
Barbie: lol.....good point, but that's not the conclusion I reached last week.
Winnie: Then what? oh wise one....
Barbie: you know how you go through different stages in a divorce?
Winnie: I thought it was only one.....relief!!!!
Barbie: well, I spent the first 9 months in the "fear" stage. I was terrified that I would be homeless, penniless.......
Winnie: and now?
Barbie: but now I have transitioned to the "anger" stage. Now I am MAD and he doesn't intimidate me one BIT any more...
Barbie: too bad for him that he didn't get an agreement during my "fear" stage....lol, he would have made out a lot better
Winnie: good for you...
Barbie: I think it is something you go through.....
Barbie: I should clarify that it isn't "bitter".....just POWERFUL!!
Winnie: I don't have the energy to be mad. I think I spent all of it when I was with him
Winnie: I hope it never gets to that...i have better things to do
Barbie: I felt the same way for the first while. I was just so exhausted.....
Barbie: but now....bring it on!!!!!
Winnie: I've been saying that from the beginning...but that's just me...a bitch!
Winnie: lol
Barbie: you are not a bitch....you are assertive but in our world, if you are a female, that means bitch....so I say wear the name with pride! lol
Winnie: Oh I do....always did :)
Winnie: so speaking of douchebags.....
Winnie: I took me everything I had last night NOT to go around snapping pictures of people
Barbie: lots of Dbags huh? I saw the very picture of the Eurodouche at the Salsa club on Friday....all my girlfriends were pointing him out too "Hey...look at the Eurodouche". He had his shirt unbuttoned COMPLETELY, collar up, faux hawk, fake tan....and .....wait for it....HIGHLIGHTS.....
Winnie: OUCH !
Barbie: Can I just say that I do not think guys should highlight their hair....very douchy
Barbie: I'm assuming you saw the domestic/rocker douche variety at your concerts?
Winnie: only STP could bring back the 90's douchbags
Winnie: oh, and let's not forget...the 90's cougars....that are WAY past the Cougar mark
Barbie: Please tell me you did not see leather pants...
Winnie: it's summer
Winnie: lots of mini...I mean MINI skirts and cleavage
Winnie: and BIG HAIR
Barbie: ahh....the "rocker chicks"....I have seen more than my fair share in my day...
Winnie: didn't you use to be one?????
Winnie: LOL, sorry had to say it
Barbie: ya....in 1985....not cool anymore.
Winnie: please...tell them that

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  1. Way to assert yourself Barbie! We are there for you all the way!