Monday, June 15, 2009

Post Traumatic Kissing

Winnie: I wake up this morning like i haven't slept in 3 days (ok maybe its cuz i barely did), i get into a fight with my son...then fight with my ex...Because of my son...and thennnnn, lock myself out of my car!!!! Grrrrrrrreat Monday so far!
Winnie: How are you?
Barbie: well, considerably better than you apparently...
Winnie: that's good
Barbie: I had a pretty good's starting to finally feel and look like summer around here!
Winnie: Ya i know, got to relax at the cottage yesterday...I finally have my first official tan lines of the summer...yeaaaaaaaaa
Barbie: ah....I remember that "cottage".....Prince Charming and I had one of our first kisses there!
Winnie: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how sweet.....(urrrrrkkkkk!!!!!)
Barbie: it wasn't that smooth, we banged teeth, lol....ahh the smooth moves of 15 year olds...
Winnie: no wonder it took you this long to give him another chance...if it was me, he may have not gotten one LOL
Barbie: oh, no it wasn't HIS ineptitude, was mine or mutual
Winnie: well i hope you have at least corrected the problem????
Barbie: definitely NOT to worry....
Winnie: ....hmmmmmmmmmm I do remember ANOTHER kissing disaster episode....remember tall guy on the motorcycle???? The one who almost swallowed your face while we the girls watched from the tent???
Barbie: Yes.....I think I still have post traumatic stress disorder episodes from that!! EEEWWWW!!
Winnie: so do
Winnie: his brother was a good kisser.... ;)
Barbie: I believe I was PUSHED to try to date that guy by YOU and some others....ahem...
Winnie: ahhhhhhhh...yes you were more easily influenced back
Barbie: this is why you have NO influence on me whatsoever have led me astray in the past...ha, ha
Winnie: ya whatever....
Barbie: well, let's just say that the kiss with PC was waaaaayyyy better than with motorcycle guy....banging teeth and all...
Winnie: enough about you....since I need a good boost today, I am dedicating this next song to all my fans out there
Barbie: least you're
Barbie: I am going with this song this week....not just for it's catchiness but for it's sheer lyrical genius (with a nod to Twohandsfull)....
Barbie: Best line: " I go ooo-oooo you go, la, la? la, la, la, la" deep and eloquent
Winnie: nice....DEEEEEEPPPPPP
Barbie: about as deep as I get early on a Monday morning...
Winnie: you need to get out more
Barbie: yes.....tell me something I don't know.
Barbie: I have big travel plans as soon as I win the lottery...
Winnie: oh really............
Barbie: yep....
Barbie: I'm due for my huge lottery win any day now (this week even) if the "secret" is
Winnie: oh really...........
Barbie: is that all you say now?
Winnie: no........
Barbie: that's refreshing...
Winnie: I’m just waiting to hear your big plans. Nothing is exciting me more right now
Winnie: cant' you tell?
Barbie: you need to get out more...


  1. Banging was still amazing :) I loved kissing you then as much as I love kissing you now.

  2. Blleeeuuuuggghhhh! ;)

  3. LOL Oh the memories,

    Hey when you win the lottery, don't forget your BEST friends eh!

  4. ok I agree with Anonymous about PC's comment! YACK ;)

  5. you both are an interesting read for sure lol!!!!!

  6. You think we are sickening now, you should see us in private..... :)