Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Metrosexuals Gone Wild!!!

Winnie: wow..He’s hot....lol...literally!
Barbie: I believe it may be time to start an "anti collar popping mission!"
Winnie: so sad that it has come to that
Barbie: people just abusing the collar popping left and right...
Barbie: Collar popping: just say no!
Winnie: we have to try and save the next generation
Barbie: I have to say that I don't quite get the multiple shirts on top of each other thing.....
Barbie: when did that start?
Winnie: I don’t know...but I don’t like it
Winnie: I'm wondering what I like best...the collars...or the pants below the butts?
Barbie: I have to say....the over tanning.....and the tattoos where they try to appear deep but really everyone has the same ones...lol
Barbie: but have you seen the new trend where men are having their eyebrows waxed? THAT IS THE LIMIT FOR ME.......CREEPY!!!!!!
Barbie: I mean, I like a guy who takes care of himself and everything but this is turning into metrosexuals gone wild!
Winnie: it's a phase....that's what our parents were told when we spiked our hair, pierced our upper ears...ripped our jeans bellow the cheeks...wore neon and black lipstick
Winnie: oh wait.....
Winnie: they still do that....except wear neon...
Winnie: we're in trouble I think
Barbie: lol!!
Barbie: I know....I should talk....we wore some VERY crazy styles....and some of the guys we dated (ahem, Twohandsfull) even wore make up!!!! So I guess this is nothing new...
Barbie: It's just now there is the "attitude" with the douchebag/metrosexual man...."Hey baby, check out my popped collar, faux hawk and fake bake...you want some of this?"
Barbie: and there is a difference between a 16 year old doing it (totally forgivable) and a 38 year old doing it!!
Winnie: if the douchettes keep giving it to them.....they'll never learn lol
Barbie: well, the douchettes don't know any better....
Winnie: why are we on this subject again????
Barbie: hmm....not sure....
Winnie: Are there not any others we can make fun of?
Barbie: oooooo......have you not been out lately? lol
Winnie: I have...kinda
Winnie: and it scares me....douches....everywhere!!
Barbie: this is what I'm saying....they are taking over....!
Barbie: maybe we should just shoot up with botox, fake tan, get implants and join them...
Barbie: me neither...lol
Barbie: We are now at the age where we either decide to start embracing the signs of aging or we fight....I'm still on the fence but I'm thinking embracing is the only way to go or you end up looking like Joan Rivers!!
Winnie: ya well we'll talk about this in a few years lol
Winnie: just don’t use her doctor lol
Barbie: what? have you ever seen anyone who got a full facelift who doesn't look like the joker??
Barbie: I've been tempted by the "freezers and fillers" I've seen some nice results with that...but my fear is that they have not studied the long term side effects and woops! 15 years from now your face will implode or something...
Winnie: it's sad...so true and then they can’t move their mouths " uat i dint eett a ace ift"
Barbie: yes, have you seen Gene Simmons?? Mary Tyler Moore? And sadly, Mickey Rourke?
Winnie: like I said..so sad
Winnie: but they look good eh????
Winnie: an sooooooooo much younger lol
Winnie: even though we know they've been around for 60 years lol
Barbie: younger....if by younger you mean deformed and vaguely cat-like...
Winnie: lol
Barbie: So here is the question to our peeps out there today.....to fix or not to fix....that is the question...


  1. not to fix, but I am sure you are not surprised by my answer. But I will say that I reserve my "not fix" to face lifts. Tummy tuck.... Ask me again in 10 years.

  2. Doesn't that waiter guy that looks like PC at the Hut wear multiple popped collars???? I seem to remember that from the last time I was there. lol