Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Big hair and Bad kids

Winnie: My kids are the worst procrastinators.....
Winnie: wonder where they get that from?
Barbie: bet you'll tell me.....tomorrow....
Barbie: lol
Winnie: ya...something like that
Barbie: what did they do?
Winnie: so #1....he writes his last final today....last day of high school and has not yet filled out and had his volunteer papers signed!
Winnie: #2...his graduation is next Monday...he still has not got his suit
Barbie: uh-oh....and you NEVER would have done that when YOU were in high school, huh?
Winnie: not THAT last minute, lol
Winnie: he's driving me nuts
Barbie: you mean his prom suit or graduation ceremony suit?
Winnie: both... its the same day
Barbie: ok, maybe that's a little
Winnie: AND..since he WAITED too long to rent a tux...
Winnie: ...he's decided to buy a suit...and has asked his grandmother to help pay for it
Barbie: but he is a guy....they don't care about things like suits
Barbie: technically, he doesn't have to wear anything under his grad gown...nobody will know...
Winnie: wouldn't put it past him
Winnie: he would definitely be the one to streak the crowd........
Winnie: and now....he has to pick it up...and has not picked up the money from granny
Barbie: so is he asking YOU for the $$?
Winnie: BINGO
Barbie: hmm....this would be one of those "teachable moments"....if you don't plan ahead and don't have money, then you can't buy things...
Winnie: yeppers.....
Barbie: what are you going to do?
Winnie: NOT give him the money
Barbie: wow! kudos!
Winnie: he should have figured that out yesterday BEFORE he spent the afternoon at the beach!!!!!!
Barbie: LOL!!
Winnie: ok...great parenting moment here....I was feeling kind of bad about not giving in....
Winnie: but now that I see it in writing.....It's all good
Barbie: all the books say you are supposed to do exactly as you are doing. It isn't life threatening and it won't damage him permanently so....
Winnie: I know, he has to learn!
Barbie: so...what ARE the girls wearing for prom these days?
Winnie: jewellery...and nothing much else
Winnie: big hair
Barbie: really? big hair is back??
Winnie: it matches their big.......oh forget it
Barbie: can't be worse than OUR prom dresses...the 80s must have been the absolute worst years for dresses.....humiliating tributes to "Gone with the Wind".....bows gallore.....waaay too much hair...I shudder just thinking about it.
Winnie: let's face it dear....the 80's were humiliating period!!!!!!!!!!!
Barbie: well, secretly, I liked my big hair (not that I would do it again...)
Winnie: thank God!
Barbie: Some people still haven't let it go and may come back into fashion if it returns...
Winnie: well I won’t be waiting for it
Barbie: what? you didn't like your poodle-do?
Winnie: LOL....not
Winnie: I think I permanently fried my brain with all those perms
Winnie: THAT's what's wrong with me......
Barbie: if that's true...then I also must have sporadic brain challenges....
Barbie: rrrrrrr.........tic, tic, tic, tic......ooompaloompa

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  1. Sadly, the promdress pictured above is an almost exact replica of mine. Of course mine was hot pink and purple and had a skirt under it, not pants, but you get the idea.