Friday, June 19, 2009

Divorce, Contracts and Smelly Fish

Winnie:… from the guys point of view, I would love to hear what they have to say..
Winnie: was found in a bathroom in the states
Barbie: LOL!!
Barbie: I am of the thinking that marriage should be a 5-7 year renewable contract. After that amount of time, you look at your partner and say "I'm in for another round" or "it's been a slice, but I'm good"
Winnie: I think most people, men and women would agree...
Winnie: and for those who believe that marriage is for life, well it's a choice they can continue to make...everyone wins
Barbie: Yes! Let's start a petition!! I can't see anyone disagreeing with this one...
Barbie: EXCEPT....if you are the one who married up....then you would be worried every time the contract came up and right now you have them trapped for life, lol
Winnie: shit...never thought of that....
Winnie: but then it's a good reason to keep your partner happy
Winnie: not to piss them off
Barbie: as if the "luckier" one in the relationship WANTS to work harder...
Barbie: I see people who have let themselves go and been bitchy to their partners around the world going "UH-OH" if our plan came into fruition...
Winnie: exactly.....
Winnie: the thing is that there is always someone who loses in divorce, no matter what. This way it would just be less headaches and cheaper
Barbie: ya!
Barbie: and nobody would feel like a failure because the expectation wouldn't be to stick with someone who is treating you badly...
Winnie: there you go, by golly my dear....I think we've got something here!! lol
Barbie: We should run for office....I think we could be elected on this issue alone!!
Winnie: ya but then we would have to mingle with a whole bunch of stiffs...
Winnie: not sure if I could handle that
Barbie: If you want to get into public relations then you better get used to schmoozing with stiffs girl, that's like 90% of the job
Winnie: being in politics means your have to keep up an image....PR'ing means you can "be outside the box" and have no one to answer too...and that just for me!
Barbie: yeah....I don't want to be in politics. I don't want to try to please everybody and fall flat.....I had enough of that while I was married, lol!
Winnie: no matter what you do or what you say...some asshole is going to turn it around on you....LOL
Barbie: maybe we could just petition our local mp's?
Winnie: for?
Barbie: our 5 year renewable marriage contract never listen...are you sure you're not a guy?
Winnie: oh sorry, was distracted again....
Winnie: lol
Barbie: ah, the ol' A.D.D. acting up again...
Barbie: stop flirt texting boys and pay attention!!
Winnie: too early for texting....
Winnie: I think it must be a Friday distractions
Winnie: seems to be a pattern with me...maybe its all the anticipations or the weekend
Barbie: my weekend ahead looks SNORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Barbie: you have any big plans?
Winnie: mine too actually, no plans
Barbie: what the?
Winnie: plans
Winnie: so I’m wide open.....
Winnie: for suggestions that
Barbie: I'm just not even gonna touch that one...


  1. How long has it been now with you and the Prince???? Are you approaching the 5 year contract mark? Just curious. Seems to me that you are starting to feel trapped with old PC. ( Just my opinion, sorry Hut Man )

  2. Barbie???? any comment to Mr Big's opinion?

  3. lol, I try to ignore him. Barbie

  4. Bored.......When's the next time I'll have something to read????? Come on ladies, get your butt's in gear.

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