Friday, June 12, 2009

How to spot a douche bag.....

Barbie:'s discussion is going to be on the definition of a douche bag....

Barbie: I have had people ask...."Barbie, what is a douche bag?"
Barbie: so here it is....
Barbie: 1- Common, domestic douche bag found in most bars and frat parties...
Winnie: Hey! I know him!
Winnie: lol
Barbie: ...don't we

Barbie: 2- "Barbie? Can women be douche bags?" The answer is surprisingly YES!! Here is an example of the Douchette....
Barbie: Sometimes they are wanna be strippers or porn stars but always they are trying waaaayyy toooo haard!!
Winnie: ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Winnie: glad I don’t know anyone like
Barbie: believe it or not, this woman USED to be she looks like a transvestite!
Winnie: but she still looks at herself in the mirror everyday and says: "Damn I look good!"
Barbie: Well, in all honesty, there IS a market for douche bags and douchettes out there but it isn't MY target

Barbie: and finally, the most contemporary look in douche bags (very popular in the over 35 crowd) The Euro Douche...
Barbie: you can always recognize the Euro douche by the dress shirt unbuttoned waaaay too low, over tanning and aviator glasses... sometimes they also sport too much bling and almost always have a blackberry, blue tooth or iphone in their hands or to their ears..
Barbie: The "faux-hawk" is also a popular look with them...
Winnie: I like the faux-hawk
Winnie: I do
Winnie: under 35 though
Barbie: it can work if you are a rock star of sorts but if you work in an office....not so much, lol
Winnie: doesn’t go with a
Winnie: but with flip flops?????
Barbie: everything goes with flip flops...


  1. Hey, I think I spoted the guy in the white shirt walking downtown on my way back from work!!!! lol

  2. I know that guy in the pink.....isn't it the bartender at the