Thursday, June 11, 2009

Divorce Rocks!!!!

Winnie: waiting long?
Barbie: nah…not really...
Winnie: you were supposed to say " all my life"
Barbie: maybe you can get guys to say that to you....but not me...
Winnie: tough crowd
Barbie: so what's new and exciting?
Winnie: same crap as always… and exes...all driving me nuts
Winnie: I need a good night out so I can drink and forget it all…
Winnie: and maybe make a fool of myself lol
Barbie: ha, ha...yes, I could use a fun girls out night myself.
Barbie: Same issue on my end...exes.....ah....can't wait for the drama to end...
Winnie: didn’t you just have a girl’s night out?
Barbie: did I? I guess I need another
Winnie: notice how the drama is coming from the guys???????
Barbie: Also, I think my "divorce manual" got lost in the mail so I am just winging it...
Barbie: yes....interesting......I am looking forward to a drama free life.....or at least ME being able to CHOOSE the drama
Winnie: I'm soooooooooooooooo not dramatic
Winnie: hahahahaha
Barbie: nooooooooooooooooooooo not you!!!!
Winnie: I only like my own drama...everyone else's I can do without
Barbie: well, I just cannot wait to have everything finalized and done....
Winnie: hold on's a coming
Barbie: yep.....I can glimpse it from time to time and it keeps me going. Already I'm much happier.....let's name some things about being divorced that rock....
Barbie: -Sleeping in the middle of the bed!!
Barbie: -Not having to do another adult's laundry!!
Barbie: -Making what you like for supper!
Barbie: -Going to bed when you feel like it!
Winnie: not having anyone to tell you you're Marie Antoinette!
Barbie: ?????, k…
Barbie: -Not having anyone expect you to read their minds!!
Barbie: -Watching chick flicks!
Barbie: -enjoying hanky panky again!
Winnie: I did that anyways....screw them
Winnie: (...I meant the chick flicks)
Barbie: -Not having to "run plans by" anyone.
Winnie: I didn't do that anyways
Barbie: are you sure you were married?
Barbie: -sounds like you had some freedom in your marriage anyway....
Winnie: that's cuz I wasn't technically married, just living together for many years…
Barbie: After my fiasco, the thought of marriage again is terrifying....
Winnie: hey...maybe that's why he calls me Marie Antoinette???? My independence?
Barbie: Did you make him eat cake? lol
Winnie: no I ate it all
Winnie: NO CAKE FOR YOU!!!!!!
Barbie: lol, good girl!
Barbie: Mine would have said "I wanted chocolate cake, not vanilla cake, what's wrong with you" and I would have said "you didn't tell me you wanted chocolate cake" and he would have said "you should have known!! Just for that, I'm not talking to you for the next three days"!
Winnie: I would have thrown the cake in his face .... lol
Barbie: I wish you could date my ex now.....just for the sheer enjoyment of watching you put him in his place..
Barbie: now THAT would be drama!!
Winnie: you bettcha...
Winnie: so..what should Winnie do this weekend? (other than work)
Barbie: hmmm.....summer stuff? Maybe bbq, go out on a patio somewhere for drinks? Maybe Sangria?
Winnie: sounds I need a partner!
Barbie: well, I'm coming down in a couple of weeks so if you can hang on...
Winnie: Don't worry...I have plenty to go around! lol
Winnie: Like you were worried???
Barbie: LOL! um. no.
Barbie: I know you have enough to go around...
Barbie: and then some.
Winnie: ;)
Winnie: you betcha!

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  1. Hi Ladies. Been a while. I thought I would just pop in and say, HI. Did you miss me Barbie xxoo