Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dating Big Cars!

Barbie: what's that? you don't know what it is like to be from my hometown? Well let me show you....
Winnie: soooo funny
Barbie: isn't it true though?
Winnie: "ohhhhhhhhh yea...Tonight is de night! "
Winnie: I think I dated him once?
Winnie: I had to let him go..the singing was too much
Barbie: I think we have ALL dated of version of
Winnie: Thank god we're over that lol
Barbie: oh....they are still out there.....saw plenty of them at "the hut" when I was there last
Winnie: I try not to look
Barbie: The version of him that I dated in high school also used to drink like, 27 cans of Pepsi a day.....
Winnie: now it's 27 bottles of Bud!
Barbie: Ya....if you think sober guy is bad, you should see him
Winnie: yewwwwwwwwwwww...and then he gets all "touchy feely"
Barbie: "oooo baby....tonight is de night.....did you see my car?"
Barbie: "I make sooo much de cash.....want for me to buy you somethin'?"
Winnie: LOL...maybe you could buy a life first!!!!
Barbie: PS- (and I know this will be shocking to a lot of men out there) BMWs are not impressive cars. It says...."I am a drug dealer" or "I am under 35 and really, really want to impress girls"
Winnie: so you're saying you can’t own a nice care under 35?
Winnie: or does that just pertain to guys?
Barbie: oh can own a nice car...but the BMW has a particular type of owner, I find.
Winnie: to a degree i suppose
Winnie: so what is acceptable then if you're financially secure, single and under 35?
Barbie: pretty much anything else......except a Hummer.....they have certain problems
Winnie: do you need an army all terrain tank in the city???
Barbie: this is exactly what I'm sayin'
Winnie: I'm a "CSI wanna be"
Barbie: ...and clearly they do not care about the environment so therefore they probably hate kids...
Winnie: do you really think guys are that "deep"?? lol
Barbie: no...THEY don't realize what they are saying with their's subconscious
Winnie: guys with little……..want big cars?
Barbie: you know....I think there might be something to that theory...
Winnie: maybe we should research? lol
Barbie: I know YOU want to take that research on and I'll just take your word for it...k?
Winnie: i'll let you know how it turns out
Barbie: Alrighty then...
Winnie: ok...serious question
Winnie: how many dates does it take for you to say that you are "dating" someone?
Barbie: I would say 4 dates.
Barbie: what were you thinking?
Winnie: don’t know, that's why I asked
Winnie: but then again, don’t both parties have to agree on the terms?
Winnie: so it could be more than that!
Winnie: or less LOL
Barbie: No. I think if you have gone on and continue to go on dates then you are "dating". Whether it is a relationship, well...THEN both parties both need to be on the same page...
Winnie: hmmmmmmmmmmm interesting
Winnie: do you realize, that I don’t think I've ever "dated" before
Barbie: well, "dating" wasn't an option when we were younger....either you were in a relationship or you weren't. Our generation didn't do "dating".
Winnie: too bad, its fun lol
Barbie: it's a good option for people who want to see what's out there and do not want to commit to one person at the moment.
Winnie: it's still tricky...oh well!
Winnie: ok...second question
Barbie: shoot
Winnie: how many guys can you "date" at the same time?
Winnie:…not that I am lol
Barbie: well, I think a couple to a few....otherwise you might be entering "ho" you have to be upfront with everyone. They should ALL know that you are dating several people if that is the case...
Winnie: yes of course....I think I may be to old for this lol
Barbie: ya.....can't say I'm much of a "dater". I pretty much know within a date or two if it someone I want to get involved with.
Barbie: I guess I am what they call a "serial monogamist"
Barbie: what do you call yourself?
Winnie: when i figure it out, I'll let you know


  1. Tete a Claques is much funnier in french.....but Raoul is still pretty funny with his french accent. Barbie dated guys like that in high school, and she had a perfectly good guy walking her to school every day that was totally obsessed over her, and would have done anything to be with her, waiting in the back ground. But he is happy things finally HAPPENED for them.

  2. Winnie - I have been asking the exact same dating questions. There must be some sort of guide book out there for us.

    But I do know this:
    In order to save yourself a heap load of drama, be absolutely sure that the fellas you are dating do not know each other. Even if you think there is no possible way they could ever have known each other for any reason at all, be double sure.

    Cuz this one time................. oh man.

    So yah, when you find that dating guide let me know. ;) We should also ensure that all men have to read from the same guide!

    Right now I think it's a lot like fumbling your way through the house in the pitch black of 3am like a zombie to find the bathroom; you KNOW you are going to stub your toe, it's just a matter of when and on what.