Monday, July 6, 2009

Divorce Pity Party.....join us!

Winnie: hey
Winnie: welcome back
Barbie: hello!
Winnie: so we’re funny i hear?
Barbie: this is what they pressure
Winnie: how did this happen?
Barbie: who knows....sadly most of the time we are not trying to be funny
Winnie: that's what i did we end up
Barbie: I think it is more "funny living nightmare" not "funny ha-ha"
Winnie: a never ending nightmare
Barbie: hopefully it will end someday!!!!!
Barbie: I'm thinking when my divorce is
Winnie: is there even an expiry date on hating your exes'?
Barbie: who knows.....I'm winging it...
Winnie: I got the " oh you should hear what people are saying about you" speech last night
Winnie: funny though, cuz whoever was supposed to have said these "things" about me, have had no contact with me in 6 months...they aren't even online...go figure
Winnie: so i asked him to tell me about all the "bad" stuff I was doing...and all of a sudden he says.."well, they didn’t tell me anything"
Barbie: ah...they ALWAYS try that one....the "make you feel bad about yourself tactic"
Winnie: one even said...." If I told you, you'd throw up" LOL...OMG....
Barbie: WTF????
Barbie: that's if!!
Winnie: no kidding....I asked him if they were talking about me????? (are you sure they have the right person?)
Barbie: well, I happen to be having a pity party for myself so you can join
Winnie: I'm there!!!!!!!
Winnie: did he ambush you when you got back?
Barbie: oh yeah!!
Winnie: jerk
Barbie: that is an understatement.
Winnie: was he pissed cuz you didn’t answer his emails WHILE YOU WERE ON VACATION????
Barbie: he just thinks he is the authority on everything and should be able to dictate how our divorce should go and I should just happily accept it.
Winnie: well of course you should
Barbie: I'm like "no, no....that's how it was in our MARRIAGE, not now that we're split", lol
Winnie: did you not read that in your marriage contract
Barbie: I must have missed that part. I even purposely had them take out the "obey" part but apparently it was still implied...
Winnie: shit
Barbie: lol
Barbie: my friend just asked me to go Salsa dancing on Friday....what do you think?
Winnie: Go Girl!
Winnie: would love to do that
Barbie: I spent some months in Brazil...look out, I can shake it!!
Winnie: get a sexy dress going and your hot shoes...
Barbie: I can barely walk in those, let alone dance in them!!
Barbie: I'm thinking jeans and, I'm there for dancing, not to pick up.
Winnie: just don’t shake it too much....well, long as it's not in front of the band at the "hut"
Barbie: LOL!!! that was, I'm not gonna shake it like a stripper....not to worry
Winnie: pheeewwwwwwww...had me worried there
Barbie: If you ever see me shaking it like a stripper, call 911 immediately...
Winnie: nope...would just take out my camera, record you and post it on the blog...oh and Youtube too!!!!!
Barbie: ah....what a friend indeed.


  1. Funny. Even if you are in a pity party.

  2. can I join your pity party. I had a bad weekend with my ex too :(

  3. Anytime Mr Biggggg

  4. What about you Barbie? Can I join your pity party too?????

  5. Pity party is over Big. Now onward forward march! barbie