Monday, June 8, 2009

Pornos and Milk Cartons

Winnie: hello
Barbie: Hi!
Barbie: KNOW this is gonna be bad...
Winnie: i used to not mind them...but now that I know in 6 weeks I'm leaving...I HATE THEM!
Winnie: lol
Barbie: ah....
Winnie: the nice thing about leaving is that Mondays won't be Mondays anymore, they'll be like Saturdays!
Barbie: lol....yes, I guess that is a perk...
Barbie: did you have a good weekend at least?
Winnie: very nice...i like my new job
Winnie: better than the one i have now, anyway lol
Barbie: excellent....
Barbie: I also had a great weekend....too short of course, but great anyway...
Winnie: but a new job is like a new's always hot in the beginning
Barbie: true that sista!
Winnie: but when you know there is a better one around the's not so much fun anymore
Barbie: are you talking about lovers or jobs now?
Winnie: lol both, im comparing
Winnie: new job=new boyfriend
Barbie: gotcha...
Barbie: you would be proud of me this weekend...
Winnie: why is that??
Barbie: I ate cold pasta right out of the container and drank wine right out of the bottle while watching mindless television...
Winnie: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I knew you could do it
Barbie: lol, see? I can get crazy...
Winnie: there's my song for the week lol, dedicated to YOU!
Barbie: lol....
Barbie: next thing you know I'll throw my towels on the floor and drink milk right out the the carton...
Winnie: NOW NOW...dont push it
Barbie: afraid I will steal your thunder? lol
Winnie: yes....I'll have to start going to the library and baking or something
Barbie: baking? I hate baking and cooking....have we met yet?
Winnie: who cooked the cold pasta then?
Barbie: well me, but I didn't necessarily like cooking is something I do out of necessity, not because I love it, like some people.
Winnie: oh you sex?
Winnie: for some lol
Barbie: what? like when you are married? having sex out of necessity? lol
Winnie: yes
Barbie: ya....there's nothing like feeling like you HAVE to do something to make you not like
Winnie: that's why I like eating out....
Winnie: lol
Barbie: always a lot of variety to choose from?
Winnie: and the deserts are always good...
Barbie: ok, porn head...
Winnie: what???
Barbie: lol
Barbie: by the way....when did pornos become porn?
Barbie: I remember when we were teenagers and people used to watch "pornos" now they watch "porn"...
Barbie: wonder why everyone switched...
Barbie: lol
Winnie: after pornographic films became pornos
Barbie: I remember a music group called "Porno for Pyros"...I wonder if they changed their names to "Porn for Pyros"
Winnie: did you watch pornos are a teenager???
Barbie: Nope. The only one I ever saw was at our mutual friend's house. Her father had a large collection and we watched "Debbie Does Dallas" at a slumber party...remember?
Winnie: "Debbie does Dallas", everyone in our generation was broken in by that one
Winnie: then came..."Porky's"
Winnie: the "American Pie" of our time
Winnie: ahhhhhhhhh the good old days
Barbie: Oh ya....."Two hands full" and I stole the key for her pay tv box and snuck down in the middle of the night to watch Porky'
Winnie: soooooooo bad lol
Winnie: I think I managed to rent it out of the video that on Beta or VHS????
Barbie: ahh....good ol'
Winnie: and the remote with the wire
Winnie: how techno!
Barbie: with one button ......"pause"...
Winnie: LOL
Winnie: but then it took 35 seconds of film for it to stop
Winnie: and 45 to start again...
Winnie: so you had to "rewind" it...and always missed your mark
Barbie: ya....ah...the good ol' days...
Winnie: want to go back???
Barbie: there are times when I wouldn't mind a couple of weeks back in high school, just for kicks.
Winnie: ya me too...I'd get a few kicks too...
Winnie: lol
Winnie: but boys didn't know what they were doing then...
Barbie: very true!!
Winnie: I like the grown up version better :)
Barbie: True that sista!


  1. Is sex with Prince Charming a necessity or was he worth the wait?????? Just curious

  2. You didn't mention that we watched Porkies with no volume... Amazingly we still found it funny.

  3. LOL!!!! Sad but true!!! Barbie

  4. Was Porky's suppose to be funny??? I thought it educational! ;)