Friday, February 26, 2010

Gold Cananda Gold!!

Winnie: good Friday morning
Barbie: fantastic Friday morning! Did you watch the game last night?
Winnie: of course lol
Barbie: Canadian women KICK ASS!!!!!
Winnie: we sure do ;)
Barbie: and apparently Russians are the poorest sports around!!
Winnie: poorest?
Barbie: After our men defeated Russia, the Russian president cancelled his trip to Vancouver for the closing ceremonies....LMAO!! Boooohooooooo
Winnie: LOL...sore losers
Barbie: ....and they are supposed to host the next winter Olympics??? Great example!!
Winnie: Canadians are being the best hosts ever! So proud!
Barbie: yes....I felt especially proud as the American Women were getting their silver medals yesterday...the whole (mostly Canadian) crowd cheered "USA- USA!!"...even though they are our toughest rivals, they still got silver and they are very worthy opponents! ...and I know there is no crying in hockey but I bawled like a baby as the Canadian women's hockey team were receiving their gold medals!
Barbie: Such fantastic athletes and they deserved it so much!!
Winnie: ya, i said the same thing when the Americans were getting their medals, Canada has's too bad that someone has to lose to win silver. Wish there could be another way around that...
Barbie: yes....the Americans gave us our only true competition, and I am grateful for it.
Winnie: and what about Joannis's skate? Wow...what a strong woman and her Dad....oh boy! So awesome that he was there for her!
Barbie: Well, if you ever had any doubt as to if Canadian women are strong, determined individuals take a look at the medal count....the sisters are bringing home the bacon for our country!
Winnie: i think i might train for the next Olympics...
Winnie: not sure for
Winnie: I'm sure there is something i could kick ass at?
Barbie: I'm thinking bobsled. I would be the person at the back who just has to put her head down and be brave...ha
Barbie: but I have to say there are a lot of older women on our teams...maybe it isn't over for us
Barbie: maybe if I start curling now???
Winnie: hey...good idea. And the curlers are getting hotter and we may have a chance
Barbie: ya!! Curling it is!!
Winnie: Ok...we'll start next week ;)
Barbie: well next week I have a lot going about the week after that?
Winnie: hmmmm....I may have to wash my hair
Barbie: gee....this Olympic stuff requires a lot of motivation...

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