Friday, October 2, 2009

Lovers of The World

Barbie: Alright. Helmut Head wants us to bring up this recent survey:

Winnie: ya i read it....and like the others, I'm wondering WHO slept with all these men?
Barbie: You didn't read it then! It said it surveyed women from each country on their likes and dislikes about their men and accumulated the findings. So for instance a lot of Russian women found Russian Men too
Winnie: yes the first part of the survey was about their traits...but the second part was about who had the BEST lovers
Winnie: how do you compare unless you've slept with more than ONE man from each country Winnie: Honest...I've only slept with Canadian men...and trust me....there has been some good as well as some not so good. I don't get it
Barbie: Unless some countries have a "how to please a woman 101" class that they take in high school I'm thinking there are good and bad everywhere.
Winnie: that's the point!!!!!!!
Winnie: I would bet on it that not all Spanish men are good in bed....and some may be hairier than the other
Barbie: for sure....
Barbie: but I bet there are a lot of Spanish men going...come on, give us a try...ha, ha
Winnie: so....the survey says......"Someone wasted their time making this stupid survey"
Barbie: does it say "brought to you by the Spanish tourism agency" at the bottom? lol
Winnie: Wait...I'll go check!!!! LOL
Barbie: ok, new topic...
Winnie: so, want to go to Madrid for a visit??????????
Barbie: lol!!!
Barbie: last night I watched my pvr'd episode of GLEE. Have you been watching that show??Winnie: i caught a bit of it he other night, it reminded me of The Office...not so funny most of the time
Winnie: I'm not such a fan of slapstick comedy
Barbie: no way....I totally disagree...I think it is great and I have to say that this week's episode was AMAZING. Kristin Chenowith's version of ALONE was sooo freaking good it almost brought me to tears...
Barbie: Whoever chooses the songs they sing must have access to the ipod list of my brain....clearly a child of the 80s
Winnie: ok, the singing is good...
Barbie: or how about this one: Don't Stop Believing....
Barbie: Plus the guy who plays the teacher is pretty cute...
Winnie: see....just made my browser freeze...what does that tell you????
Barbie: so good it will blow your mind and electronics?
Winnie: hunny.......will take LOTS MORE than that to blow MY mind!!!!!! ;)
Barbie: are you sure about that? lol
Winnie: absolutely!!!!

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  1. I think I will have to pick up the DVD of the first season of GLEE when I am on leave. It sounds interesting but I am just not awake enough hours a day to watch any TV.