Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How to win the Best Husband Mug!

Barbie: so..."Two Hands Full" has requested that we make a "How to be a Good Husband List" because clearly the "How to be a Good Boyfriend List" was written by a 15 year old girl who has watched "Say Anything" too many times.
Winnie: and she's asking 2 divorced gals to do that?
Barbie: Well, I never said it would be pretty, lol
Winnie: i don't even know where to start
Barbie: Good point, otherwise you will never get to husband status anyway...
#2- Ask her how her day was (this is an important one) and look interested in her answer. Here is a bonus tip: ask a clarifying question to let her know you were actually listening.
Winnie: Hope the men out there are writing this down...lol
#3- Never stop kissing your wife. You can NEVER underestimate how important it is to give your wife kisses, hugs and kind words EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT IN BED OR WANTING SEX.
Winnie: Do they ever NOT want sex?
#4- Share the household chores. Your most important duty would be the one that she HATES the most...(even if it's the only one you do...trust me, it helps)
Barbie: I don't think guys have ANY idea how important this one is. There is NOTHING women hate more than feeling like they are a maid. BIG TURNOFF!!
#5- Don't think that children are her responsibility. You donated to the bank that made these children, they are exactly as much YOUR responsibility as they are hers. AND ps- women get turned on by men who love and care for their children.
#6- Love her friends...take the initiative to invite them over for casual dinners, game night and oh......"girls nights" (just don't forget to get and prepare everything they will need BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE)
#7- Take care of her when she's sick and don't make her feel guilty for you having to get up with the kids, get them off to school and making sure dinner will be served (a somewhat healthy one please) Women loved to be nurtured and cared for. But do it out of the goodness of your own heart and don't make her feel like she owes you.
#8- Never stop playing. Be silly, tell jokes, laugh, wrestle. These things remind us of why we fell in love with the person in the first place.
#9- Treat her as well as you would treat any friend. There is a minimum level of respect that married couples should give each other. You would never criticize your friends in a harsh way. Give them the silent treatment, be mean. Think of it this way: If it wouldn't fly with your buddies, then your wife AIN'T gonna love it either!
Winnie: and one final one....
#10 - Love her family....even if you don't like them. They are a part of HER...when you talk bad about them, you are talking bad about her. Even if she bad mouths them, she will not tolerate anyone else doing so. Especially YOU!
Barbie: Hmmm....those are all good ones
Winnie: Guess we should have made this list years ago...lol
Winnie: oh and BONUS #1......WE ARE ALWAYS RIGHT!!!!!
Barbie: LOL, I KNOW I am not always right, but it IS a bonus when you tell me nicely that I'm not right.
Winnie: don't ruin for me, please!
Barbie: Ok, you are always right ......in your own mind. lol
Winnie: Maybe WE should get married! LOL
Barbie: listen sista, even if someone met every. single. criteria on this list....I would STILL think twice about getting married. I LOVE having the whole bed to myself. giggle.
Winnie: we have guest bedrooms for that!