Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Business Time!

Winnie: Good Monday morning!
Barbie: Good morning!
Winnie: well I survived the thunderstorm with only ONE power shortage...
Barbie: same here!
Barbie: we had almost golf ball sized hail too!
Barbie: I was worried about my flowers, lol , but we all survived.
Barbie: Hey....Helmut Head sent us a funny video...
Winnie: I'ts just to prove out's right there...LIVE
Barbie: hilarious!
Winnie: it's sad really....
Barbie: HA, HA
Winnie: those are men that came up with that....
Barbie: If it was REALLY a business running on those hours it would fail...
Winnie: dont' most of them do?
Winnie: those business arrangements I mean?
Barbie: are you trying to say that most men our age keep very short business hours?
Winnie: hmmmmmmm
Winnie: I won’t comment on that one....except.....
Winnie: i meant the "business arrangement" NOT the "duration" of the business meeting
Winnie: but then again...I haven’t been to a business meeting in a while!!! ;)
Barbie: alrighty on to other topics...
Barbie: have you ever seen that show "Flight of the Conchords?"
Barbie: I personally find it downright hilarious!
Winnie: No i haven't
Winnie: but I think i've seen enough
Barbie: it's funny!
Winnie: here comes another thunderstorm...hmmmm
Barbie: gee, they are so rare lately...
Winnie: and I don’t think I’ve seen any rainbows this summer either...
Barbie: yes! I saw one at my Dad's place...
Winnie: I was joking, I think Ive seen half a dozen'd think I would have found the pot of gold already
Winnie: well...maybe I have?
Barbie: have you?
Winnie: i might have....;)
Barbie: Hey...I have a song for you today...
Barbie: I wish I knew someone named Doug just to sing them that song...
Barbie: God that movie was funny!
Winnie: I saw "the ugly truth" yesterday...OMG...soooooo funny
Winnie: the best part of the movie. She's wearing vibrating underwear...and some kid gets the remote.
Winnie: I HAVE to get me some of those :)
Barbie: Oh my God...yikes....if that remote falls into the wrong
Winnie: That's the point...yee haa!!!!
Barbie: ok, go ahead...get one....hand over the remote and I will pass it along liberally to whomever I see fit.....(note to self....and then hilarity will ensue...must make sure to tape for YouTube display)
Barbie: I plan on handing out the remote to all our friends at the Hut...
Winnie: ok ok...point taken lol
Winnie: make sure you bring spare batteries!!!!
Barbie: ...geez.....

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