Monday, June 29, 2009

Predictable Happy Endings?

Winnie: hey found me
barbie: yep
barbie: so....good weekend?
Winnie: sooo tired though
barbie: me too...but last night it wasn’t for glamorous little boy wet the bed at 5 am. sigh......PAR-TY!
Winnie: oh come?
Winnie: did he sneak a can of Red Bull?
barbie: who knows....just was one of those random things....
barbie: if he is anything like his mom, if he would have a can of Red Bull, he wouldn’t sleep for the next 3 days.
Winnie: check your stock lol
Winnie: what did you do the rest of the weekend?
barbie: well, had a great night with you and Prince Charming and the gang at the hut on Thursday night. Then Friday night...hmmm...oh yes, prince charming came over and hung out to chat with my rents and then we went back to the hut for a drink and to see Phatboy sing (good, as always), Saturday night I went to see The Hangover....(HOLY HILARIOUS...vaguely reminds me of some of the good times we had back in the day...just on a grander scale) yesterday I brought the kids to the dinosaur land thingie....
barbie: last night my friend Calmwaters came over with the Prince and we all had chats with the rents again. When did it start to become fun to hang with your parents again? lol
Winnie: after 35!!!!
Winnie: lol
barbie: sadly, I actually enjoy sitting and chatting with my parents more than a lot of they always have the bar stocked with expensive European
barbie: and they make great eats!
Winnie: bless them
barbie: God bless them for cooking for me....really, from the bottom of my heart. Just a bonus that they have expensive taste in
Winnie: wish I had time to sit for a great meal...can’t seem to find it lately.
Winnie: although...I had a picnic yesterday
Winnie: the greatest of greatest of meals
barbie: how was YOUR tell?
Winnie: Had that BIG party to work at on Friday night….hardly recuperated from that when I had to work Saturday night too. But I had a great day yesterday...visited the islands and had ice cream...finished the day off with a movie too
Winnie: saw The Proposal...predictable ending...but gut splitting funny moments too
barbie: ahhh...good...I was hoping you didn’t cave and go see Transformers...
Winnie: no, i picked this time lol
barbie: I was explaining to Prince Charming that that’s the difference between a 20 year old girl and a 30 something year old woman. The girl will go to the man flick, pretend to like it then harbour resentment and make you pay later. The woman just says nah....go with your buddies, bring me to see the Hangover or the Proposal....and will remain happy.
Winnie: yeppers...not more complicated than that
Winnie: I sooooooo needed a couple hours of not thinking...and a chick flick will do that to you every time lol
barbie: mindless it.
barbie: The Hangover has the same type of effect...just enjoyable for both sexes..
Winnie: it would be better if the happy couple never got married though...wouldn't it be a refreshing ending if they decided just to "date" and keep their own places?????
barbie: AMEN!!!!!!!
Winnie: who says you can’t be Happily Ever After?
barbie: and they remained happy forever, never nagging each other, getting mad for toothpaste on the counter and stupid stuff and did whatever they wanted.....
Winnie: AMEN!!!!!!!
barbie: I can hear the violins now.......ahhhh....

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  1. ahhhhhh. I really needed my blogging fix. TY Ladies